Rosary Cemetery, Norwich

Established in 1819 by Thomas Drummond, a non-conformist minister, the Rosary cemetery in Norwich was the first non-denominational burial ground in the UK. Although established in 1819, the cemetery wasn’t registered until 14 June 1821. The first burial was in November 1821 and was the re-interment of Ann Drummond. Ann was Thomas Drummond’s wife who passed away two years earlier. She was originally buried at the Octagon Unitarian Chapel in Norwich.

The Rosary Cemetery is also on of the earliest “garden” cemeteries, designed for the public to enjoy relaxing walks surrounded by nature. The older section of the cemetery is true to it’s original sentiment and has been largely left to nature.

Some notable people buried there are Jeremiah James Colman, James Stillett (artist), Jacob Henry Tillet (founder of Norfolk News), Henry Housego (artist), the Jarrold family and John Barker who was a Steam circus proprietor who was accidentally killed on Norwich Cattle Market on 12 April 1897.



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